Diet Hacks

The Side Dish Hack – Eat Big Meals and Burn Fat

Having a big salat/fruit bowl during or before your meal might sound like a no brainer to lose weight. But too few use this option. If you want to eat less of what ever high calorie meal you are eating, having this can be a game changer.

Let take a pizza as an example. A pizza from a restaurant is 1500 calories minimum. Eating a whole pizza for dinner will take up a huge chunk of your daily calorie budget. What if you instead ate half a pizza (saved the other half for tomorrow) with a huge side dish of supersalat with baby spinach, rucola, tomatoes, red peppers, kale and a avocado dressing (150 calories). Your total would be 900 calories from a huge meal with your favorite pizza instead of 1500. You will feel just as full and just as satisfied compared to eating the entire pizza.

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