Get your NEAT on and watch the fat melt right of

The greatest way to boost your fat burning even more is by increasing your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). Neat is in short burning extra calories without sweating. This can be by walking, by standing, by taking the stairs in stead of the escalator and so on.
Would you like to go for a daily 40 minute run to burn 500 calories or would you rather make small changes in the way you sit, stand and walk to burn of those same 500 calories.


Walking is the greatest neat ”exercise” you can do!
Just about everyone can do it every day. It does not increase you appetite like running, biking and other cardio workouts. Doing a daily walk will add up to extra pounds of fat lost every month.
You can walk anywhere and anytime.

These are your options.

  • Walk to work/school.
  • Walking on your lunch break with a lunch in hand.
  • Walk when you go shopping.
  • Walk while listening to audiobooks (This is fantastic)


If you have a deskjob you need a desk where you can stand. Standing a good part of you work day instead of sitting has huge health benifits on top of the fact that you will burn a ton of extra calories.


Always take the stairs. Always!
This little habit might not sound like a big deal, but over a year most people will burn more than 5 pounds worth of calories just from doing this switch.

To some it up. Here is what you should do:

  • Walk instead of driving when you can
  • Ride your bike to work/school
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • Stand up at your desk
  • Walk when you go shopping
    Can you count to 500 calories?
    Using some of these adjustments in your daily ruitine it can quickly run up to 500 extra calories burned. And keep in mind that this is without increasing your appetite.

And as a bonus these small changes you not make you any hungrier unlike doing 40 minutes of steady state cardio. In fact studies show that for most people steady state cardio is about the worst thing you can do for weight loss. Simply because people eat all the calories they burn back, and sometimes even more. Lets take a look at all the little and big things you can change to maximize your daily calorie burn.

Standing at your desk instead of sitting. This burns 40 calories on average extra per hour. Start of by standing an hour or two while at work. At first it might seem a little weird and it might be hard on your legs and feet. But within a few weeks this will seem natural and adding extra hours of standing will be easy.

Get out of the office building and enjoy walking lunches. This is super effective. The 30 minutes you walk will burn of a 150 calories on average. When you pack a lunch that is handy for eating on the go there is no chance of you getting a second dish. You can apply the walking principle to meetings as well.

Take the stairs every chance you get. This one is obvious one that can be huge for some and do nothing for others. If you live or work on a high floor you can get so many easy calories burned each time you take the stairs. If the number of floors is too high you can take some of them by elevator and then the rest by stairs. Escalators are not for you. Take those 10 seconds and use the stairs every change you get.

Sell your car. Okay, maybe not sell it. But leave it in your garage every chance you have. Instead you should walk, skate, bike or skip. This is great when you go to work, school or grocery shopping. Every time you can get where your going in 10-20 minutes, you take the opportunity to say goodbye to some stubborn fat cells on your body.

Effect on health: 8/10 – Effect on fat loss: 10/10

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