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Kill your cravings before they arrive

Overeating is often caused by giving in to cravings for whatever unhealthy snacks you cannot resist. Having the willpower to not give in is extremely hard and is no fun at all. If you give in, you feel bad for doing so and if you don’t you just walk around feeling miserable. This is why making a preemptive strike is a strategy that makes your cravings go away before they arrive. If you wait until the cravings have arrived, you will have a much harder time.

The first thing you need to do is know when your cravings usually show up. Is it an hour after dinner, between breakfast and lunch or maybe even multiple times per day. When you know when they arrive you will know when to strike. A good plan is to make your strike about 30 minutes earlier than when your cravings usually arrive. Here are some options that actually work.

Drink a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of raw unsweetened cacao powder. Cacao is amazing when comes to heath and also when it comes to killing cravings. Coffee has an appetite suppressing ability as well.

Brush your teeth. Cravings have a tendency to arrive because of the flavors in your mouth. If you have had a savory meal you taste buds will often signal for something sweet. By brushing your teeth, you will start with a clean slate pushing the upcoming cravings away.

Go for a walk. Taking a short walk gives you a change in your state of mind. This has the ability to get your thoughts completely of thinking about snacking. So think of this as a double whammy. Burn some extra calories and make the thoughts about food disappear.

Get a hoppy. You’d be surprised how often people snack simply because they’re bored. And no, binge watching Netflix does not count as a hobby. A great hobby can be anything really. Gardening, drawing, learning to play an instrument or playing sports you love. Simply put it should be something you really love spending time on. Time flies when you’re having fun, resulting in totally forgetting about snacking in between meals.

If you want the full effect, you can mix and match these tips. This could be drinking a cup of coffee with cacao powder, then going for a short walk and finishing with sitting down with a guitar and leaning a new song of of YouTube.

Effect on health: 4/10 – Effect on fat loss: 8/10

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