Intermittent Fasting Rocks & Eating Pizza Daily is Just a Bonus

Intermittent fasting is one of the latest things to hit the health industry. But unlike low fat, high fat, low carb or high protein diets, this is not really a diet. It’s simply a way of eating. It can get you great results, but it is not for everybody. So lets take a look at why it rocks for most, but sucks for some.

We will kick of this list with reasons intermittent fasting rocks:

It’s a lot easier than you might think

Following a strict diet is hard. Most people can not do it. Following a low calorie diet can also be extremely hard. But not eating breakfast or having other fasting periods is much easier than most people think. When you don’t eat for a period of time, most people do not get hungrier. In fact most people fell less hungry after not having eaten in a while. This makes it a whole lot easier to hit a calorie deficit if you are trying to lose weight.

You will live longer

Science shows that having more time to digest food before eating more food is great for your health. This increases HGH. Growth Hormone controls growth, specifically of new cells in both humans and animals. By increasing this hormone, we make our bodies stronger and healthier.

Nothing beats the results

When you compare people who try intermittent fasting with people who go on diets and simply tries to eat clean. The people who do intermittent fasting have greater results when it comes to body composition. They simply lose fat without losing muscle much more effectly.

You do not have to follow some “magic” diet

Let’s get some thing straight. All diets suck. I don’t care if you’re eating a low carb, vegan, paleo, juicing, dukan or a Twinkie diet. They all suck, and the science behind them is very poor. But when you eat intermittently you can pick any diet you like. Most pick If It Fits Your Macros. This is simply making sure you get enough protein, fats and carbs. But you do not have to eat any certain way. Of course it’s recommended to eat great quality foods, but if you want cookies and ice-cream, you can do it without feeling guilty.

Insulin sensitivity goes up

Insulin sensitivity, is a good thing. The more sensitive your body is to insulin, the more effective your food intake will be.

Your insulin spikes whenever you eat carbohydrates and many proteins. By not eating throughout the day, you are training your body to be more and more insulin sensitive. This will improve the way your body processes and uses the food given to it.

You can still eat breakfast

You just have to fast longer before you do. If you love eggs and bacon for breakfast, you can just eat it for lunch or dinner.

You can eat more

Being on a diet and eating pizza and burgers do not go hand in hand in general.
But with intermittent fasting you still have to option to eat your favorite high calorie foods because you eat fewer meals. This make this lifestyle much easier to follow.
Lets say you need 1600 calories daily to lose a pound of fat per week.
If you eat 500 calories for breakfast and lunch. That will only leave 600 calories for dinner. And that is if you eat nothing else that day. If you skip breakfast and eat 500 calories for lunch you will have 1100 calories for dinner and snacks. This gives you the option to have pizza every day if you want.

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