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Eat more Omega-3 and say goodbye some stubborn hard to burn body fat

Everybody know that Omega-3 fatty acids are super healthy. But few know how big a role this type of fat has on fat loss. The easiest way to up you daily omega-3’s is by supplementing. This can be a fish oil or algae oil pill. Both can be great, but there are a lot of sub par fish oil products out there. Fish oil can also go bad if kept in suboptimal conditions.

This is way I would recommend algae oil. The Omega-3 fish is from the algae the fish eat. So why not go straight to the source. Another way to get more Omega-3 is by eating products high in the fatty acid. Fish can be a great source, but remember that if you buy farmed fish you will not get any Omega-3. This is because these fish are fed food with no Omega-3’s in them. So always, buy wild caught. For more information on great sources of Omega-3 you can look at this list.

Now to the bad news. Studies only show that supplimenting with omega-3 will only give you a slight edge when it comes to fat loss. The good news is that it helps burn the fat you hate the most. The stubborn and visceral fat in between you organs. This type of fat make your stomach look bigger and the type of fat that is really bad for your health.

When you get most of your omega-3 in your diet you will see much better weight loss results. This is simply because all the natural sources are super filling. This has a tendency to make you eat less calories on a daily basis.

Getting more omega-3 will reduce you risk of heart decease considerably because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Effect on health: 10/10 – Effect on fat loss: 2/10

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