Eat “Cheat Meals” every day, if you feel like a burger, pizza, dessert or ice cream

I can picture that you are looking confused right now. Pizza and losing weight is not something that goes together. But if you cook and eat smarter you can fit anything into your diet every day. If you order a pizza from your local pizzaria, it will quickly run you anywhere from 1500 to 2000 calories just for one pizza.

If you make it yourself you can do it for less than half and it will taste even better. It’s all about cooking smarter.  This can be done with just about anything you desire. Let me give you some great examples on how you can make delicious healthy junk in fast food time. With any dish I recommend and big salat or fruit bowl to fill you up so you couldn’t eat another bite if you tried.

  • Tortilla pizza with chicken and guacamole (500 calories)
  • Huge BBQ chicken burger bottom that tastes a beef cheeseburger (500 calories)
  • Huge Protein Brownie (250 calories)
  • Homemade strawberry ice cream (100 calories)

Effect on health: 7/10 – Effect on fat loss: 10/10

The Diet Hacks