Drinking Your Calories is The Easiest Way To Get Fat .. Drink This Instead!

Are you drinking your calories? If so, what the hell are you thinking. By drinking you calories I mean having some of these beverages in your daily rutine:

Sugary soda, fruit juice, coffee with cream/sugar, milk, beer or wine. Well stop that right this second.
Okay I’m not saying you can not have any of these, I’m just saying they should not be a part of your daily rutine. Okay let me rephrase that. You should never drink sugary soda or fruit juice.
These are pure sugar bombs that will make you both fat and loose your teeth. Sumo wrestlers use applejuice to get fat. It’s simply the easiest way for them to get body fat added to their body.
Go nuts on the water, tea, coffee (just drink it black) and even smoothies and vegetables  juices can be a great choice even though they have calories.

Okay this is what you should not be drinking. What should you then drink instead:

  • Water – Water has zero calories. When you drink it cold the body has to spend energy to to warm it up to body temperature. Each glass of water is about 10 negative calories. Over time it adds up.
  • Sparkeling water – All the same benefits as water.
  • Green Tea – Zero calories. Takes energy to cool down. Will raise the metabolism a tiny bid. Over time thi smatters.
  • Black Coffee – Zero calories. Take energy to cool down. The cafeen will raise your metabolism for a short period. Coffee is great at blunting your appetite. In stead of having a snack a nice cub of joe can do the trick. Works especially well for skipping breakfast.
  • Diet soda – Zero calories. Takes energy to warm up just like with water. Forget everything you have heard about diet soda making you hungry or artificial sweeteners spiking your insulin levels. They do not raise your insulin levels. There have been countless studies of this. Few people ge thungry from diet sodas, most can actually use it to blunt their appetite. Test for your self to see if you are one of the few who gets hungry.
  • Green Juice made from vegetables
    This does not have zero calories, but it does have a ton of nutrition. This will make you less hungry through out the day.


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