Do Less Cardio To Lose Weight.. Do This Instead!

This might be the biggest surprise for most people reading these hacks for weight loss. Cardio is really not a good option when it comes to weight/fat loss. Is jogging healthy? Sure, but it does poor job of getting your body fit. I used to be a runner. I would go run up to 30 miles each week and look at all the calories I burned. But my weight would just stay the same even though I would eat super healthy. The problem is simple. You burn calories while running but burn less calories while resting because of the impact jogging has on your body. On top of that it makes you hungry. This results in most people offsetting their hard work by eating all the calories back. On top of that most people get tied from too much cardio, resulting in them being lazier the rest of the time.

Too much cadio is bad for weight loss and here is why:

You tair down muscles instead of building them. Making your metabolism slow down over time because of less muscle mass.

Your hormornes will take a hit if you run to much.

You don’t burn that many calories because you can only run so much. 5 miles, 3 timer per week is not going to make a big difference.

You eat back all the calories you burn while running.

What should you do instead:

Walk. You may only burn half the calories in the same time, but you can walk without getting tired. You can walk every day without having sore legs. You can walk without increasing your appetite. You can walk without hurting your hormon elevels.

HIIT cardio & HIIT Resistance training. Medium level cardio like jogging/running sucks for weight loss, but high level HIIT cardio rocks. When you do HIIT you do a combination of sprints, walking and strength training. This is an awesome combination. You pulse will be high during the entire workout even though you are only sprinting a third of the time. The three part combination make your body build muscles instead of tearing it down like jogging does.

Resistance training. Strength training will not burn as many calories as running during the workout. But building muscles means your resting metabolic rate will get higher and higher over time instead of getting lower with medium pace running.

Conclution. Don’t do cardio for weight loss. Do it for health or simply because you love it. Cardio is great for health and enjoyment. But doing cardio that you hate should never ever be a part of your day.

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