Diet hacks

Diet hacks

Protein Waffle Heaven

Recipe for four waffles:

30g Protein powder
40g Flour
10g Coconut Flour
1 Egg
4g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice
4g Baking Powder


For crispy waffles add 20 grams of melted butter and replace zero calorie sweetener with 20 grams of sugar.
This will add 50 kcal to each waffle (200 total), but it will make the waffles go from Good to Great.

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Diet hacks

Kill your cravings before they arrive

Overeating is often caused by giving in to cravings for whatever unhealthy snacks you cannot resist. Having the willpower to not give in is extremely hard and is no fun at all. If you give in, you feel bad for doing so and if you don’t you just walk around feeling miserable. This is why making a preemptive strike is a strategy that makes your cravings go away before they arrive. If you wait until the cravings have arrived, you will have a much harder time.


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