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Blood Sugar Spike & Insulin Response with Zero Calorie Sweeteners Test

Avoiding blood sugar and insulin spikes is ideal for both health and weight loss. But not all zero calorie sweeteners are created equal. Some will spike your blood sugar almost as much as sugar. If you follow a low carb, slow carb, ketogenic or low GI diet it is particular important to know what sweeteners you can and can not half. 

Lets take a look at the most popular sweeteners, both the natural and artificial sweeteners.

Blood glucose change From highest to lowest

Sugar (control): High response (50)
Maltitol (artificial): High response (40) (contains calories)
Xylitol (natural): Medium response (30)
Monk fruit (natural): No response (contains calories)
Stevia (natural): No response
Allulose (artificial) : No response
Sucralose (artificial): No response
Erythritol (natural): No response
Aspartame (artificial) : No response

The results are clear. Maltitol and Xylitol should be avoided if you don’t what any spikes. These sweeteners is used and most sugar free candy, gum and mints, light versions of peanut butter other nut butters, flavored waters and drink powders and is also a popular ingredient in proteinbars like Quest and Oh Yeah bars. So if you want to make sure you don’t spike your blood sugar you should check the the ingredients list of the products you eat.

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